WhatsApp All Group Message Sender

WA Group Sender

WA Group Sender is a WhatsApp All Group Sender Tool. This tool is a simple Chrome extension, which you can easily install in your browser. This tool is 100% secure and there is no Risk of Account Blocking.

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How to use?

Easy to Use

We're trying to make this Tool easier to use, now you can easily Input Message using the Message Box

Fast Sending

Time is a top priority in a day, so WA Group Sender saves you valuable time

Main Features of WA Group Sender

Easy Instalation

The installation process is easier, you can go directly through the Browser Extension> Open Developer mode> Load Unpacked

Easy Setup

All options are well designed to be easy to use, including an Input Message option.

First Link Preview

First link preview option is provided which is used in Preview Thumbnail.

Engage Clients

Enhance your client engagement with WA Group Sender tool.

Bulk Message

Send message to all groups at once.

Chrome Browser Compatible

Supports different Versions of Chrome Browsers

What will you get?

Full Support

You get full support regarding Install Extension issues and much more.

Automatic Updates

You will get updates forever, provided you don't distribute this Tool for free

WhatsApp/Call Support

Need help? Call/WhatsApp Message our support team at +917017161590

Personal license

WA Group Sender can only be used by one person (who bought the Tool), they cannot be used by other people

Buy it now!

*Purchases can be made via Bank Transfer, & G-Pay.

Trial Plan
0 ₹ 50
  • All Features
  • Instant Activate
  • Valid Till 5 Days Only
Standard Plan
1/group ₹ 2/group
  • All Features
  • Instant Activate
  • Valid Till 1 Month Only
Popular Plan
3,000₹ 4,000
  • All Features
  • Instant Activate
  • Valid Till 1 Month Only
Bulk Plan
  • All Features
  • Instant Activate
  • Valid Till 6 Month Only

Common questions

*Some questions that frequently asked by buyers.

  • You Need help? Call/WhatsApp Message our support team at +917017161590.
  • Yes, you can use this tool across all your accounts.
  • Yes, this tool updates automatically.
  • Joint purchases are no longer valid.
  • Sorry but no refund, as what we sell are digital products that can be copied/reproduced indefinitely, not physical products


Payment Method

Already made a payment?

Thank you for ordering the WA Group Sender.
Bank Details:
Scan my QR code to pay: Click Here
Account No: 147401000085007
IFSC code: IOBA0001474
Account Owner: Prakash Raiya
After sending the transfer amount according to the Plan of the WA Group Sender you purchased, please send payment .

Please fill in the form below to contact the WA Group Sender Administrator. If there are no interruptions and other activities, the administrator will immediately respond to the message you sent.

Invite your friends to WA Group Sender & Earn Recharge
Invite friends to WA group sender and when your friends send their first payment their payment will be added to your account.
Note: Your registered contact no. is your Refer code.

What happens with your Feedback?
We may review the feedback you send and use it to improve the WA Group sender experience for everyone.
Important: We can't always respond to your feedback, but that doesn't mean it wasn't reviewed.